In this Privacy Policy, “FlyJetcom”, “we”, “us” or “our” means Jetcom Srl (a company incorporated in Italy), with principal offices at Viale Parioli n. 10, 00197 Rome; “you” or “your” means you, the person who provides us with private personal or business information private personal or business information.
FlyJetcom understands that during the course of its and Carrier relationship with You, FlyJetcom and Carrier (including officers, employees, contractors, agents), may learn Your private personal or business information (Your “Personal Data”). We understands that our responsibility is to ensure all Your details remain private. Your privacy is serious business at FlyJetcom.
FlyJetcom hereby commits that Your Personal Data will be held and processed by it in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, these terms, and the FlyJetcom Privacy Policy published on website which is incorporated herein by reference. You hereby accept that Your Personal Data be held and processed by FlyJetcom in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, these terms, and the aforementioned FlyJetcom Privacy Policy.
We collect Your Personal Data, for example when you book a flight with Us, use Our website or Our platforms, use Our services or contact Us. If you book a flight on behalf of someone else, you must have their consent to use their personal information.
Without prejudice to what is stated in the FlyJetcom Privacy Policy, FlyJetcom and/or the Carrier are explicitly entitled to transmit Personal Data obtained from official photo identification documents and other Personal Data processed or used in connection with the carriage to public authorities and border control agencies, provided that the authority’s or agency’s request for disclosure is based on mandatory legal regulations and is necessary for performance of the contract of carriage. Moreover, FlyJetcom and the Carrier are also explicitly authorised by You to process, capture, save, modify, block, delete, disclose, transmit and use Your Personal Data within the scope of performance of provide Our services and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations for the purpose of delivery by the Carrier of flight services, and FlyJetcom and Carrier are further explicitly authorised to transmit the said Personal Data to their own offices, authorised representatives and to the parties who provide services on their behalf, including to air crew (pilots and cabin crew) charged with the delivery of flight services.

Requested infomation

We collect personal data about You, about Your boking, Your travel arrangements, about how you use Our services and products, and about how you Use our websites and mobile applications, and such Personal Data so collected includes without limitation:

  • Your name and surname;

  • Contact information including address of residence, email address, telephone number, and fax number;

  • Your date of birth, nationality, and passport information when you book a flight with us;

  • Personal description and photograph (including passport and other identification documents);

  • Information about Your travel arrangements, such as details of Your bookings, travel itinerary, details of any additional assistance You require and other information related to your travel with Us.

  • Your geographical position;

  • Information about Your use of Our websites and mobile applications, including information about which pages You view, Web browser version, time and date of site access, address of the internet site host, where applicable, host server internet address you are using, name of the host and domain from which you access the Internet;

  • Your financial and credit card information (including such information as received from third party banks and other credit institutions and credit rating institutions) which are necessary for us to provide You with the requested product or service;

  • Other information that may be required by Us, to carry out obligations arising from any contracts entered between You and Us, and/or to carry out client surveys and/or offers.

This personal data may include information that you provide to Us directly or through companies or agents we work with, as well as information which we collect when You use Our products or services.


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